Overview of OneIllinois:

OneIllinois offers suppliers a streamlined method to easily gain distribution throughout Chicagoland and Illinois via the most effective, share leaders in the State.

The nine Chicagoland MillerCoors distributors (the “Chicago Cluster”) blanket the Northern half of Illinois and comprise the largest, contiguous group of distributors in the United States. Collectively, the Chicago Cluster, working with the “down state” Illinois MillerCoors distributors, make up “OneIllinois.”

OneIllinois provides 100% distribution coverage to the entire Illinois beverage market, servicing well over 19,200 accounts and a population of over 13,000,000 people.

Together, more than 1,400 employees, 1,000 of which are sales and delivery personnel, service almost 13,000 On-Premise accounts and 7,000 Off-Premise accounts. OneIllinois distributors serve Illinois and the Chicagoland area with over 400 delivery trucks and 2,000,000 square feet of warehousing.

The primary organizing body behind OneIllinois is the Chicago Cluster of MillerCoors distributors.

The Cluster’s Principals and General Managers meet at least once a month with our suppliers and host quarterly Craft Cluster meetings as well. At the Craft Cluster meetings, each distributor’s Craft Brand Managers, Craft Specialty Sales Managers, and Marketing Managers are also in attendance. The Cluster and Craft Cluster meetings provide our suppliers with a unique opportunity to personally review and develop marketing and sales strategies with our combined teams on a consistent basis.

The OneIllinois group of distributors regularly seeks out, evaluates and introduces new brands into the ever expanding Chicagoland and Illinois beer market. The cautious but enthusiastic selection of new brands, coupled with each distributor’s financial strength and commitment to the successful marketing and sale of each brand, typically results in consistent, double digit annual growth for our supplier partners.

Suppliers desiring entry into the Illinois beverage market will find that OneIllinois allows them an effective, cohesive, in-depth presence throughout the State and in every licensed retail account, both on and off-premise. That presence is backed by the exceptional sales, marketing, delivery and financial commitments that each OneIllinois distributor member brings to each of our supplier partners, regardless of size and market share.