Looking to distribute your beverages to Chicagoland and Illinois?

OneIllinois has developed an ongoing retailer education program called Retail Beverage.

Our Level II Cicerones and Directors of Retail lead these classes which are attended by both on-premise buying groups and off premise retailer owners and buyers.

The program is specifically tailored towards wait staff and employee education. We introduce these employee groups to multiple supplier partners, then educate them on various styles and flavors of beers and beverages withing their portfolio. These courses help to transfer our passion and knowledge for great beer and beverages to our retailers and their staffs which connects to consumers. Since we view product knowledge at retail a key to success, we tailor our staff education agenda towards food pairings, samplings, and shelf management.

Specialized Training and Results:

The Chicago Cluster’s sales team offers unmatched size, depth of account coverage, craft expertise and knowledge.

The Cluster is 100% Cicerone Level I’s and employs 25 Cicerone II’s with another 15 in training.


Chicago Cluster vs. Competition Covering the Same Geographic Area:

  Chicago Cluster Alternative Craft Only Distributor
Location: Chicagoland West Suburbs
Sales Representative on the Street: 232 25
Number of Cicerone I’s: 265 30
Number of Cicerone II’s: 26 25
Avg. No. of Suppliers: 45 84
Avg. No. of Craft Suppliers: 15 84
Average number of SKU’s: 1,100 1,231
SKU’s / Sales Representative: 4.7 50.0
Number of Chicagoland Delivery Trucks: 284 30
Case Minimums: No Yes

Cluster Distributors’ National Recognition for Craft Excellence:

Finalists – National Beer Wholesaler Craft Distributor of the Year

• Town & Country Distributors:  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

• Euclid Beverage:  2010, 2012

• Chicago Beverage Systems:  2010



OneIllinois offers suppliers a streamlined method to easily gain beverage distribution throughout Chicagoland and Illinois via the most effective, share leaders in the state of Illinois.

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